Strength Training Around An Injury

Strength Training Around An Injury

Every month, I am asked about this in some form or other. There are many reasons we may be in pain, and understanding your specific condition must inform your best course of action. But in general, let’s consider the three main ways to approach strength training around an injury or source of chronic pain. They … Read more

Why Test Body Composition?

Scales can leave us frustrated, but body composition testing shows us how healthy we are on the inside.

Now that StrengthSpace has an InBody 570 available to clients, you may wonder: “Why test body composition?” After all, many of us have a scale and a mirror, and these tools do give us valuable information about our health. But what they don’t tell us is how healthy we are on the inside. In this … Read more

Strength Training for Anxiety, and Picking the Right Weights.

Recently, a client shared a research article on mental health which showed that strength training helped with anxiety symptoms when participants trained at “moderate,” but not “high,” intensity. First, this is an exciting finding. If you can improve your mental health even partly without medications, that’s very powerful, especially if you can improve your physical … Read more

Strength Training Safely with Osteoporosis

Porous bone as seen from microscope.

At StrengthSpace, many clients come to learn how to strength training safely with osteoporosis or osteopenia. They know their bones are fragile, and they know they should be doing something about it. “Loading” is what they are told to do. But many are told to avoid almost all the activities that cause this loading. It’s … Read more

Staying Health-Centered During the Holidays

This is a guest post by Kelly Lee, MS, PN1. It was originally published at The Holiday season means festive decor, seasonal music, and celebratory events galore! It also means that sugar-laden treats, extra opportunities for eating, and social commitments seem to appear out of nowhere. Participating in all of these things allows us … Read more

Is Staying Active “Enough?”


While on the phone with my mom the other day, talk turned to high-intensity exercise, as it often does. Because strength is my business, some people feel the need to apologize for not making it a part of their lives. My mom is no exception. Mom loves to garden and has kept a beautiful, even … Read more