Strength Training for Autoimmune Disease

Strength Training for Autoimmune Disease

Is slow, controlled strength training the best form of exercise for people with autoimmune disease? I probably can’t give a truly unbiased opinion on this, as I sell strength training for a living. But I have watched so many clients with autoimmunity benefit from strength training that a deep dive on this subject seems warranted. … Read more

Abdominal Strengthening for Diastasis Recti

Rectus Abdominus Muscles, which can deviate laterally with diastasis recti

Before we start, here is an important disclaimer: if you are currently being treated for pelvic floor dysfunction, I would encourage you to adhere to your clinician’s guidance, and to run these suggestions by them first. Exercises for abdominal strengthening with diastasis recti often involve an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. Even though the approach to … Read more

Isometric Exercise for POTS

Isometric exercise like planks are great for POTS sufferers.

In my other articles about EDS and POTS, I’ve discussed how maintaining tension on muscles through slow and controlled strength training carries unique benefits and avoids many of the dangers of exercise. The many clients with POTS at our strength training studio in Chesapeake, VA benefit from this approach to improve their symptoms. But in … Read more