Staying Health-Centered During the Holidays

This is a guest post by Kelly Lee, MS, PN1. It was originally published at The Holiday season means festive decor, seasonal music, and celebratory events galore! It also means that sugar-laden treats, extra opportunities for eating, and social commitments seem to appear out of nowhere. Participating in all of these things allows us … Read more

Is Staying Active “Enough?”


While on the phone with my mom the other day, talk turned to high-intensity exercise, as it often does. Because strength is my business, some people feel the need to apologize for not making it a part of their lives. My mom is no exception. Mom loves to garden and has kept a beautiful, even … Read more

Who is CAROL?


Like you, we had big plans for 2020. One of those plans was to bring on a new team member at StrengthSpace, thanks to the steady growth our business has experienced. (Thank you!) Our plans got derailed a bit, but we are still excited to announce that we are bringing on a new team member, … Read more

Planning around COVID-19 at StrengthSpace


Good morning, I wanted to send an update on our plans around the public health situation. First, if you haven’t seen our previous post, please read here how we offer a uniquely hygienic environment. As of Thursday morning, March 18th, 2020, in accordance with the latest federal guidelines, the Governor of Virginia effectively banned exercising … Read more

Strength training during cold and flu season


Hi StrengthSpace community! For good reasons, there is a nationwide push to stop the spread of germs. At StrengthSpace, we want to take an intelligent approach to prevention, while still getting the health promoting benefits of proper exercise. Here are the hygiene procedures we follow EVERY day to promote your health and safety. We wash … Read more

Are isolation exercises necessary?


Pictured is Mike Mentzer, owner of some of the best triceps in history, on an early Nautilus Pullover. Evidence of nothing, but still cool. (Image credit Recently on the High Intensity Business podcast, Gary Knight thought that he was going to ruffle the trolls by suggesting that there is an advantage to doing a … Read more

Exercise and Arthritis, what’s the link?


“Is exercise safe for my knees?” I get this question regularly from physical therapy patients and strength training clients alike. And it makes perfect sense, given what most people (and even clinicians) understand about arthritis. In this article, I’m going to explain why this common misunderstanding is incorrect, and leads to fearful avoidance of healthy … Read more