Time Efficient Strength Training in Chesapeake VA
Results in 1 Hour per Week

Effective and efficient training
eliminates wasted effort and
hours of exercise time

1-on-1 Strength Training in Chesapeake, VA
1-on-1 Experience

Private, bespoke sessions drive
maximum performance and
superior results

Professionally Supervised strength training in Chesapeake, VA
100% Expert Supervision

Experienced practitioners utilize an
evidence-based program that promotes
long-term strength and vitality

StrengthSpace Success Story

Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of results, injured by a one-size-fits-all fitness routine, or dreaded the big box gym?

StrengthSpace is your solution.

Here’s the Plan:


Start with a
Phone Consult

Book Your 15 Minute Call, where we’ll discuss your goals and history so we can build a customized plan that holds you accountable and delivers results


Complete your Intro Workout

We’ll measure your strength and body composition, teach you the fundamentals of safe efficient training, and implement them in an effective workout tailored to your goals.



Choose the Right Membership for You

If you are ready to sign up, you can apply the cost of your intro session towards your first month! No other signup fees!

Most fitness programs are unsafe and ineffective. At StrengthSpace, our team will maximize your health and vitality in just one hour per week.

Strength Training in Chesapeake

Witness the Experience

Are You?

Frustrated with a lack of results?
Spending too much time at the gym?
Unsure of how many reps or sets?
Worried about getting hurt?
Need help after finishing rehab?
Searching for professional supervision?

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