Abdominal Strengthening for Diastasis Recti

Rectus Abdominus Muscles, which can deviate laterally with diastasis recti

Before we start, here is an important disclaimer: if you are currently being treated for pelvic floor dysfunction, I would encourage you to adhere to your clinician’s guidance, and to run these suggestions by them first. Exercises for abdominal strengthening with diastasis recti often involve an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. Even though the approach to … Read more

Slowing Metabolism. Muscle Loss in Disguise.

So far, we have learned that drawn out, arduous workouts can derail our diet plan by giving us an insatiable appetite and cravings. Sensible eating is key, and there’s no way we’ll keep to a healthy way of eating if we are hungry all the time! We also learned how brief, High Intensity Interval or … Read more

Control Your Hunger With Intense Exercise

“I lost 60 lbs following this diet a few years ago.” “That’s great! Were you able to stick with that?” .“No, I was starving all the time…” Poorly controlled hunger makes dieting unsustainable. Anyone can go hungry for a few weeks, cutting portions and relying on willpower in an attempt to lose a few pounds. … Read more

Should you exercise LESS for Fat Loss?

In Part I, I explain how trying to burn calories through long, arduous workouts can cause overeating and weight gain. In Part II, I explain how we can instead use exercise to reduce our appetites and eating. In 2008, I was the most active I’d ever been. For over an hour every day (sometimes twice … Read more