William C. Brown

Before I started at StrengthSpace, I did not lift weights very often. StrengthSpace is exactly what I needed. It helped me develop a strength training routine that I can keep with my busy schedule. I see improvement every week in my strength, my energy, and my appearance, and the encouragement and advice I get from … Read more

Ann Stenberg

I used Strength Space post-rehab after a major surgery that compromised both bone and muscle in one leg. As a physical therapist, Dr. Lee is extremely knowledgable of anatomy and physiology and therefore as a client at SS, I felt very safe and confident in the exercise program designed for my needs. The program was … Read more

Mike Lloyd

Working with Bryce is always a physically intense and rewarding experience. In just 30 short but intense minutes tailored to my needs leaves me breathing hard and feeling great. The studio is impecibly clean and calming. He only takes one client at a time (if you’ve ever been to other studios the staff often work … Read more

Lisa Brown

Strength space is amazing! I am a mom of 3 young children and don’t have much extra time to focus on myself. Strength space is exactly what I needed to reach my post baby goals! With weekly workouts and top notch nutrition advice and accountability I have lost around 50 pounds and 25 inches and … Read more

Lisa Barr

Bryce is the real deal! He understands how to build physical strength and improve resilience like no other. His background as a PT certainly helps him work with people who have been previously injured and who may have some fear around strength training. Stop treading water- he can help you get to the next level. … Read more

Linda Landry

AMAZING!!! This is the most effective workout ever! You owe it to yourself to give this place a try. The process is well formulated and concise. I see steady progress toward my goals and feel myself becoming more successful at other activities as well.