(and why for just 20 minutes, twice per week?)

Why Strength Training?

ONLY strength training improves all the following:

  • Muscle Quality

  • Bone Mineral Density

  • Joint Mobility

  • Balance and Stability

  • Resistance to Injury

  • Metabolic Health

  • Cardiorespiratory fitness

  • Cognitive Function

  • Emotional Well-Being

Why 20 Minutes?

We trimmed the fat from the average gym workout.

Evidence shows that intensity of effort matters MORE than the amount of exercise you do.

When you achieve your optimal intensity, you'll get all the benefits of strength training in an 20 minutes. 

Why Twice Per Week?

You don't need to live in the gym to make progress! 

After we strength train, he research shows 2-3 rest days are essential for progress.

This means exercise doesn't have to consume your schedule, so you can enjoy your life outside the gym.

why does INTENSITY matter?
(why can't I just do lighter exercise and live an 'active' lifestyle?)


Your body hates to build stronger muscle!

When you lift heavy things, your body "hides" from hard work by using momentum to take stress off the muscle. It is far easier to heave a weight than to move it slowly, and your body takes advantage of this to keep muscular fatigue to a minimum.


Muscle is expensive to build, and to keep!

Your body will try to get through your workout without building muscle. Momentum during exercise allows for brief rest and decreases fatigue. Without proper instruction, your instincts will keep your workouts from deeply stimulating your muscles. 


Eliminate momentum by controlling speed.

Using ideal equipment, our expert instructors will help you "hack the system" by ensuring your body can't hide from muscle-fatiguing work. By controlling the tempo, you'll keep joint stress low and muscular effort high, so every rep is safe and effective.

ok, but why PERSONAL training?

(can't I just do this on my own?)

Will I do it right?

Without experience, we may pick weights that are too light, doing unproductive repetitions or the wrong exercises entirely. This means wasted time & no progress.

With professional supervision, you can reach the right level of effort, you save time & get results.

Will I be safe?

Fear of an injury can keep you from challenging yourself. On the other hand, poor technique can bring its own avoidable risks. 

With professional supervision, YOU can achieve the intensity of effort needed to gain real strength, without unnecessary risk!

Will I stick to it?

Appointments with a pro lead to consistency.

When it is on your schedule, it gets done. And when you don't have to remember how much weight, or how to do it right, you won't be reluctant to show up. 

then why StrengthSpace?
(what makes this place unique in all of Hampton Roads?)

Supervised by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Get results with a better, safer workout, based on current research.

(getting started is afforable AND easy!)

Better results.

Less time.

Affordable prices.

Incredible value.

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Your shouldn't have to overpay to get 
world class supervision!

At just $46 on autopay, your whole-body strength training session, supervised by Doctor of Physical Therapy, costs up to 50% less than a typical private personal training session, because we have eliminated any wasted time.

By keeping our appointments to an efficient 30 minutes, we help you get a better, faster, more affordable workout.