Interning at StrengthSpace

Welcome to the StrengthSpace Internship. This internship allows StrengthSpace to support our local student population, and to afford them the chance to implement their academic training in a private, boutique personal training studio.

Who should apply:

This program is for current students and recent graduates from university programs in exercise science, kinesiology, or related fields of study. Opportunities are limited to one intern per semester. If you are interested in applying, please contact us not less than 3 weeks prior to the beginning of your semester, in order to schedule an interview and be considered.

What to expect from us:

Our primary goal is that you come away from this internship with a new perspective on safe, effective, and efficient resistance training. We use an effort-based, stimulus-focused approach to building strength and muscle mass, and we will expose you to research that supports that philosophy. You will learn the basics of applying this approach to a diverse range of client populations, including post-operative individuals, athletes, and those managing chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

What we expect from you:

Phase 0: Standards
– Communicate proactively about your schedule, and always show up 15 minutes early.
– Dress business casual: a collared or polo shirt, slacks, solid color shoes. No bright colors.
– Be well groomed with no strong cologne, perfume, or other body odors.
– Protect the privacy of our clients. Discuss clients only in private with your mentor.

Phase 1: Shadow
– Politely introduce yourself to each client, then be quiet and unobtrusive during sessions.
– Observe your mentor coach safety and intensity, adapting workouts to each client.
– Bring a physical notebook and pen to write questions down to discuss with your mentor.

Phase 2: Assist
– Help to clean and organize the training space during and between client sessions.
– Learn to record client workouts in our tracking software.
– Assist with setting up machines and equipment.

Phase 3: Learn
– Read all assigned articles, and watch any assigned educational video content.
– Bring questions back to your mentor and prepare to demonstrate your comprehension.

Phase 4: Practice
– Experience our approach by going through workouts as a client. Deliver your very best effort!
– Practice our methology by putting your mentor through workouts, and receive feedback.
– If your mentor deems it appropriate, instruct a client volunteer through their workout.

Phase 5: Contribute
– Offer your constructive thoughts on our approach in private to your mentor. We welcome respectful push-back on how our philosophy differs from what you may have been taught.
– Present a relevant research topic to your mentor and other staff.

How to avoid failing your internship.

Neither the studio nor your mentor receive any additional compensation for offering this internship. We enjoy and feel energized by the opportunity to teach you, but ultimately this is a generous offering and adds to our workload.

Accordingly, interns will be given one single warning about a conduct violation. After that, any further issue (lateness, disrespect) will immediately terminate the internship.

  • Be respectful and follow instructions from your mentor.
  • Never argue with a client, or with your mentor in front of a client.
  • Always do what you say you will do. Be on time, and follow through.
  • Do not spring school requirements for your internship on your mentor at the last minute.
  • Be present and attentive. Do not look at your phone or allow it to ring audibly during sessions.
  • Do not be idle – lean into Phases 0-5 above, asking us what is next. Look for ways to make your mentor’s life easier while you are here, not harder.

Career opportunities

Training private clients in a boutique training studio allows for great compensation and a highly rewarding career. Your internship serves as an amazing way to showcase your strengths, build professional relationships, and potentially earn letters of recommendation for your future endeavors. Our business is growing, and whenever we hire, we will first look to past interns who have impressed us with their professionalism, enthusiasm, and technical excellence.