StrengthSpace Approved Products

Every week, clients ask us about the products, supplements, and gear we personally use to optimize our health. To make it easier for you to find the things we recommend, we are compiling a list here of all the things we routinely recommend to clients. And before you ask, yes we are set up as affiliates to Amazon and some of the other sites referenced here.

Gear for health and exercise

A suspension system is an extremely versatile piece of equipment for when you are traveling. While pushups without equipment can deliver a great stimulus to your upper body pushing muscles, the pulling muscles of the back require access to a pullup bar or suspension system.

Though there are many good options, this particular unit is well reviewed, has multiple handle options, and allows for discrete adjustments in depth (difficulty). It’s the best value we’ve found.

A slant board allows you to make better use of your own body weight when training your legs. By increasing the range of motion, this tool makes heel raises much more effective for calf and shin strengthening. And by shortening your base of support and allowing for a more forward knee position, it can also make squats much more fatiguing on the quadriceps.

This particular model is sturdy, well reviewed, and folds flat for travel.


Beef liver is full of the B vitamins and minerals many of us aren’t getting from food. If eating organ meats isn’t for you, this powder mixes easily into a protein shake, and is an easy way to dramatically increase the nutrient density of your food.

Whey protein is consistently the most well absorbed complete protein and source of essential amino acids. Levels Whey is a great tasting option that doesn’t have weird artificial ingredients or excessive sugars.
While it’s best to make our own Vitamin D3 with sunlight, this isn’t always possible. These drops from Thorne are easy to take, and come with K2, an essential vitamin that works with D3 to optimize absorption.

Creatine is one of the most well researched supplements improving not just strength and muscle mass, but aerobic endurance and cognitive function as well. No supplement has quite as great of a track record, and this product from Thorne is a well-priced option.
Magnesium is woefully deficient in modern produce thanks to soil depletion. This essential mineral improves almost every body system, and is crucial for muscle function, digestion, and sleep. It absorbs especially well topically, which is why we use this cream by Earthley.

I can’t say enough about our need for more magnesium. Another way we get magnesium topically is with this excellent deodorant from Magsol. It works very well, a single stick lasts for months, and it contains no bizarre additives.
Another critical mineral which our modern diets lack is Zinc. Abundant in shellfish and critical to health, Zinc also exerts powerful antiviral properties. These lozenges taste chalky, but there is evidence that allowing them to dissolve in our mouths at the first sign of a cold may deliver zinc right to the adenoid glands and prevent serious symptoms from developing.

In addition to magnesium, many of us are deficient in potassium and, believe it or not, sodium! Oft maligned, sodium is crucial for maintaining nerve function, blood volume, and myriad other processes. LMNT packets are my go-to option for getting electrolytes conveniently and without sugar. I love the Chocolate flavor in hot water, and the citrus varieties.