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 by Casey Stellato Miller

Highly recommend StrengthSpace! Bryce is incredibly knowledgeable in the world of strength and conditioning and BONUS - he is a Doctor of Physical Therapy making his workouts comprehensive, effective and safe! His hand selection of machines and well-researched training philosophy allow for an extremely efficient workout designed to make gains without having to hit the gym every day! Incredible for someone who is juggling everything else that life throws at you but still values staying healthy and fit! As a physical therapist myself, I will definitely be referring clients to him.

 by Sarah Jones

I’ve been going to StrengthSpace for several months now and I love it. I do not have a lot of time for workouts multiple times a week since I have 4 small children but the workouts here are short but good and StrengthSpace is kid friendly which is great for me. I have previous knee surgeries but Bryce works well with people who have had previous surgeries or injuries. I highly recommend StrengthSpace!

 by Elle Caldow

I went to Bryce for physical therapy and strength training after an overuse injury in my shoulder. I had been out for almost 5 months from swimming at its highest level and needed to get my strength back after I was healed. Bryce got me back 100% and had me feeling stronger than ever. His sessions are short and full of specific strength work that is tailored to your needs and they get you strong fast. I have never seen a strength program like this before, Bryce watches everything you do to make sure there is no injury risk, his attention to detail makes you feel safe when lifting heavier weights. He also has a strong emphasis on perfect form. If you’re looking for a safe and proficient way to get strong then this program is for you.

 by Brittany Samulski

Strength Space is how personal training should be. Bryce brings a passion for human physiology and biomechanics to fitness. Training sessions are efficient without feeling rushed. Scheduling appointments is very easy and communication is clear. My husband and I have been working with Bryce for nearly 6 months. My husband had back pain that caused him to limit many of his favorite activities. Since working with Bryce, his back pain is well controlled and no longer affecting daily activities. Do yourself a favor, invest in your health, and make an appointment today!

 by Patrick

Bryce is a true diamond in the rough. His forward thinking has the clients success and longevity at the heart of every choice made at StrengthSpace. As someone in healthcare you can tell when a person has committed themselves to their profession. Bryces knowledge shows glimpse of his tenacious commitment to bettering others. He’s warm (although the gym is not(brrr)), welcoming and motivating. The atmosphere he’s created reminds me of lifting weights in the basement with friends as a kids, your comfortable enough to make silly noises and ridiculous faces as you try and squeeze out another rep. Whether your a multi sport athlete, aesthetics competitor or retired great grandmother Strength Space has the means and more importantly the knowledge to safely challenge any individual.