Service Pricing

Professionally SupervisedCAR.O.L. High Intensity
Resistance TrainingInterval Ride

Monthly Payment Option

Monthly PlanPrice Per SessionQtyMonthly Autopay
Simple Strength$48.504$194
Flexible Progress$47.506$285
Full Commitment$46.008$368
CAR.O.L. Unlimited$4 to $6$49*
CAR.O.L. once/week$7.254-5$29*

Strength training clients can do their first 6 CAR.O.L. industry rides for FREE!
*CAROL pricing for a existing strength training clients. CAROL stand alone pricing is $79/month for unlimited rides. CAROL can be incorporated into a 30 minute strength training session at a no extra cost or time commitment, displacing accessory strength exercises.

Pre-Purchase Options

PackagePer SessionQtyPayment By Check
24 Strength Session$4824$1152
48 Strength Session$4648$2208
96 Strength Session$4296$4032
12 CAR.O.L. Rides$1012$120
  1. There are no contracts. You may change or cancel any membership by giving at least 48 hours notice before the 1st day of the upcoming month. Unused sessions are not refundable.
  2. Clients on autopay can purchase additional workout their discounted autopay rate. During longer months where a 5th week might allow for a 5th (or 9th) workout, if you choose to do an extra workout, you’ll be billed at your discounted rate for the session.
  3. Scheduled appointments take options away from other clients. Accordingly, sessions cancelled after 6 PM the day prior can’t be made up. No-shows & late cancels are changed as if the session took place.
  4. Autopay sessions need to be used before the end of the month. We want you here! If you know your schedule will keep you out of the studio for a week or more, you can avoid missed sessions by arranging with us to prorate that month’s membership. If an emergency comes up, we will always work with you to ensure you don’t miss sessions through no fault of your own.
  5. Receive a free workout when you refer a friend or family member who becomes a member!