StrengthSpace Pricing Options

Monthly Memberships

MembershipPrivate Strength TrainingCAR.O.L Interval RidesInBody ReadingsMonthly Autopay
Essential1 per week (52/year)1,21 per week (52/year)Quarterly$219
Premium2-3+ per weekUnlimitedMonthly$419
  1. Essential Membership Clients can reschedule sessions to later weeks to make room for travel or illness. No credits are offered for rescheduled sessions – just make it up in another month :-).
  2. Scheduled appointments take options away from other clients. Sessions cancelled after 5 PM the day prior can’t be made up. No-shows & late cancels are charged as if the session took place.
  3. There are no contracts. You may change or cancel any membership by giving at least 48 hours notice before the 1st day of the upcoming month. Unused sessions are not refundable.

Discount Options

  1. Receive 50% off your next payment when you refer a friend or loved one who becomes a member!
  2. Couples receive 10% off their memberships** when they pay together. A training partner is a great way to stay consistent!
  3. Receive 10% off your membership** (up to $503 off) when you prepay for a year by check.
    **CouplEe receiving the 10% can receive an additional 5% off (15% TOTAL) when prepaying by check for the year.

A La Carte Pricing

Private Strength TrainingCAR.O.L. Interval RideInBody Reading
  1. Sessions are charged when initially scheduled.
  2. Sessions cannot be refunded, but can be rescheduled if notice is received by 5pm the day prior.
  3. No shows/late cancellations take slots from other clients and cannot be made up.