Time Efficient

Whole body
strength training.

20 minute sessions.
Just twice each week.

Expert Supervision
You know you get your best results with the right kind of accountability. Under our expert supervision, you’ll avoid silly fads and the pitfalls of ego in the gym. We’ll help you save your competitive edge for board room or the golf course, and focus your effort on deeply stimulating your muscles, lungs, and heart. 

Time Efficient

Your time is priceless, and devoting hours per week to mastering complicated exercise routines means less time doing the things you love. With the help of your private instructor, your workouts will challenge all the primary muscles of your body in just 20 minutes, so you can get back to the office on your lunch break, or make it home for dinner. You don’t need to live in the gym, sweating it out for hours to get results. Let us show you a fast, safer, more rewarding way to get stronger and fitter!

Informed by Rehab Science
You know resistance training is paramount, but you don’t want to get hurt in an attempt to get healthier.

No matter your history, we’ve got you covered! We live and breathe injury prevention. Our machines, exercises, and protocols are hand selected by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We’ll ensure your workouts are challenging, and completely safe, no matter your fitness level.

No sign up costs.
No hidden fees.
No contracts.

Efficient, full body strength training is just $46 per session when you train 8 times per month on our auto-pay program.

4 or 6 per month plans available for experienced clients.
Save an additional 10% when you pay ahead for the year.


Better results.

Less time.

Affordable prices.

Incredible value.

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Your shouldn't have to overpay to get fit.
At StrengthSpace, your whole-body strength training session costs up to 50% less than a typical personal training session because we have eliminated any wasted time.

By keeping our sessions to an efficient & challenging 30 minutes, we both benefit. You get a better, faster, more affordable workout, and we offer fair compensation to recruit the most qualified, dedicated expert instructors. 

About Us

StrengthSpace is the premier private strength training studio in Hampton Roads.

Professional, 1-on-1 Supervision.

Guided by Rehab Science.
Incredibly Time Efficient.


Dr. Bryce Lee, DPT, and Matthew Cousins.

Achieve your health and fitness goals

in 20 minutes, twice per week. 

Hours and Contact

We are open for appointments
Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

We can be contacted at:

757-828-5627 (hi introverts, we text too!)

1512 Technology Drive, Suite 102
Chesapeake, VA 23320