Strength Training Chesapeake VA

  The Most Comprehensive Strength Training Chesapeake VA Offers

Let's face it, in today's world we are all crunched for time. We lead busy lives between home and the office, and try to cram everything into a short, 24 hour time window each and every day. Finding the most comprehensive and complete strength training Chesapeake VA has to offer can help save you time and energy. At StrengthSpace, we offer complete, full body workouts designed to be completed in just 20 minutes. Our innovative program is very efficient, able to work each muscle of the body in just a tiny window of time. Designed by Dr. Bryce Lee, DPT, we have made sure to create a complete, yet safe workout program that is sure to leave you feeling healthier, and more fit. During the workout, you will be led one-on-one with a professional and dedicated personal training, who will help ensure that you complete each exercise correctly and safely.


Our innovative strength training program is a perfect option for seniors. As we age, our muscle mass starts to decrease. We are not as flexible as we once were, and not able to lift and move as much weight. Plus, several degenerative diseases can start to make an impact on the body, making bones brittle and prone to breaking. Strength training over 50 becomes more important than ever to help retain strength and flexibility. At StrengthSpace, we specialize in strength training over 50 with safe and effective workouts. Our programs are designed with safety and rehabilitation in mind, and we will work with you through every movement to guarantee a safe and effective training session.