Private Trainer In Chesapeake VA

 Safe and Effective Private Trainer In Chesapeake VA

We all want to be fit and in shape, but going to the gym can be intimidating. Not only is it overwhelming with so many people around, but it can be downright dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. The body is an intricate machine, built with delicate muscles and soft tissues. When lifting weight incorrectly and quickly, it is very easy to hurt yourself. Time and time again, clients turn to StrengthSpace for their experience and dedication. We offer a one of a kind experience with a private trainer in Chesapeake VA. Led by co-founders Dr. Dr. Bryce Lee and Matt Cousins we are focused on helping to strengthen all members of the community. That means everyone in your family regardless of age or ability level. We understand that a fit and strong body is the best way to stay healthy and prevent future injury, and we are here to help.
Treating all ages means that we are passionate about helping seniors. All too often as people age, muscle mass and ability begins to steeply decline. By having a safe place for seniors to exercise, we are able to help keep them healthy and fit. For the best gym for seniors Chesapeake has to offer, turn to StrengthSpace. Our fitness guidance is geared toward science, understanding how the body works to build and develop muscles. Building muscle for the body is hard, so the body generally prefers to lift heavy weights and objects by relying on momentum, rather than strength. For seniors in particular, this can be dangerous and can lead to injury if done incorrectly. Momentum lifting can lead to sudden jerking and pulling which can hurt the body. Our team will give dedicated one-on-one training for seniors that teaches and shows them how to perform strength movements correctly. Understanding and professional, the best gym for seniors Chesapeake has is StrengthSpace.