Finished physical therapy?
Confused about what to do now?


After Physical therapy, we struggle to stay consistent
for three reasons:


Preserving your strength doesn't have to take hours in the gym. Your personalized 20 minute training sessions at StrengthSpace will keep you strong and healthy, while saving you time for the things that matter. 


A commercial gym can be intimidating. We get it. But when you perform resistance training under our professional instruction, we promise you will feel confident about the health and safety of your joints.


When your to-do list is a mile long, your own self-care falls by the wayside. Leave the planning, tracking, and execution of your post-rehab exercise to us. We'll
keep you consistent, freeing up headspace for the rest of your busy life.

If this sounds familiar, let us help you get on track.

Are you ...

Struggling with arthritic joints?


Dealing with chronic back pain?

Post-Surgery or Post-Rehab? 

Pregnant or Postpartum?

Living with Ehlers-Danlos?

Training around overuse injuries?

​What if your workout was designed by an expert in rehabilitation?


At StrengthSpace, our approach is inspired by the best evidence in rehabilitation sciences, and is safe even for clients with complex medical histories. The low forces and controlled motions involved allow for everyone to enjoy the countless benefits that resistance training offers. Yes, especially you!