StrengthSpace, LLC is a private, personal training studio serving Chesapeake, Virginia and the Hampton Roads area.
1512 Technology Drive, Suite 102, Chesapeake, VA 23320

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Amazing, Right?

Want to Know More?

At StrengthSpace, we employ Continuous Tension Training, or CTT*, to safely and efficiently train the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems. 

When we lift heavy things, our bodies naturally use momentum to minimize the actual tension to the muscle. It is far easier to heave a weight than to move it slowly, and our bodies take advantage of this to keep metabolic and mechanical stress to a minimum. Why? Because muscle is expensive, both to build, and to keep. If your body can figure out a way to survive your workouts without building muscle, it will! Our slow twitch fibers recover very quickly, sometimes in only seconds, and thus any rest or deloading during a set will allow slow twitch fibers to rejoin the effort. This means your body can avoid having to use your harder-to-recruit fast twitch fibers, which have the most potential for growth and strength increase.

That's where we come in. First, we have carefully selected equipment from a diverse array of manufacturers. The machines we use in our workouts keep tension high at all times, minimizing "easy" points in the range of motion where we might otherwise be able to catch a respite. On top of this, our Continuous Tension Training approach involves slow direction reversals to eliminate any momentum. The result is that your muscle gets no rest during a set, which maximizes metabolic stress and efficiently fatigues the whole muscle. Unable to hide behind their more forthcoming slow-twitch counterparts, your fast twitch muscle fibers will be quickly recruited and exhausted. 

This is the beauty of CTT. By maintaining tension throughout the set, you get the same whole-body stimulus in 20 minutes that a typical gym goer might take over an hour to achieve. After your first workout, you'll be convinced of the intensity, and once you've caught your breath (don't worry, we'll wait!), you'll realize how little time it takes to grow fitter and stronger.

- Dr. Bryce Lee, PT, DPT

*Continuous Tension Training can also be referred to as High Intensity Training, or "HIT." However, "HIT" can easily be conflated with High Intensity Interval Training and other forms of high effort training. We have chosen the term "Continuous Tension Training" because it captures what is truly unique about our approach. By keeping continuous tension on the muscle, we maximize safety and efficiency, and this is what our business is all about.