Personal Trainer Chesapeake VA

The Best Personal Trainer Chesapeake VA Offers

We guarantee that you will see results with our safe, yet quick work out plans. Led by our co-founders and geared toward science, we have created a full body workout for clients in just 20 minutes. By performing our full body workout twice per week, you will see noticeable results. Feel in shape, healthy and strong after only 20 minutes on our gym machines. Each machine has been selected for our gym by a professional rehabilitation doctor. The machines were chosen because of their ability to help build muscle and strength, while keeping people safe. Work one on one with the best personal trainer Chesapeake VA has to offer, for just a fraction of the price compared to traditional gyms. Our pricing plan is easy and affordable, costing on average about 50% less than personal training sessions at traditional gyms.


Regardless of your age, we have a solution for your health and fitness goals. We specialize in providing a personal trainer for over 50 seniors. As a gym centered around physical therapy and rehabilitation, our team has experience working with clients over 50. Too often, seniors are injured with soft tissue and muscle injuries. Our team is well versed in the best exercises and stretches for seniors to perform to help not only heal from injury, but to get on their feet returning to the activities they love. Our ability to provide a personal trainer for over 50 seniors is unmatched in the community. We offer easy, 8 week commitment plans for seniors rehabilitating from an injury, or simply wanting to build continued strength.